Arrowhead Superior Parts LLC
Offering full-service installation, repair, and maintenance for your kitchens.
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Who We Are

We are a family-based business, and we have been in business since May 2009. We are a one stop shop providing service in all fields of commercial-grade kitchens, from low-temp, HVAC, hot kitchen equipment, beverage, Co2, backflows and now parts. Being a one stop shop is what makes us stand out from most other service companies. We have been working with McDonald’s and numerous School kitchens.


Our team is committed to providing excellent service to our customers, ensuring they get the best value for their money from our installation, repair, and maintenance.


We strive to be a company that is the HVAC system service provider of choice in the state of Arizona, known for our friendly and efficient customer service.

The Owner

Manuel Griego had the vision to provide superior services in a one-stop shop-style company. His vision led him to create Arrowhead Superior Refrigeration Service, LLC, a provider of commercial refrigeration services in Peoria, Arizona, founded in 2009.

Since 2009, Arrowhead Superior Refrigeration Service, LLC (ASR) has grown from 1 technician in 1 truck to 15 employees and has branched into providing additional services such as beverage, Co2, hot kitchen equipment along with the original mission of servicing low temp and HVAC.

Manuel Griego has an extensive background in service technician work, which began as an in-house technician for McDonald’s for 14 years. Thanks to the McDonald’s owner where he worked, he was given the opportunity to attend many certification training classes with his first class being Frymaster in 1996. His McDonald’s owner operator had faith in his abilities that he fully funded his degree in HVAC. This experience gave him a better understanding of the needs of a qualified, skilled and professional service company.

ASR has made many strides in the service industry. We have grown from humble beginnings to a brighter future. Our technicians attend various training classes throughout the year to keep them up to date with the latest equipment standards.

We are proud to service all the greater Phoenix area and surrounding cities. We are proud to have become an AFS for Welbilt, as well as maintaining an A+ standard with the BBB.

ASR is proud of its accomplishments we strive daily to exceed expectations and provide superior service to our customers.